My Unity iOS game is fairly large. It could easily be 1.5gb when installed.

To reduce download size, I'm reading about AssetBundles and Apple's on-demand resources. It seems ideal - I could put most of my assets in Apple's servers, dramatically reducing the download/install size, and then just download everything when the game runs for the first time (my goal is to have the players install the game as quick as possible).

However, upon further reading I'm starting to suspect that Apple's on-demand resources are strictly meant for temporary usage. I can't just "download the whole game and leave it like that".

Other websites seem to further support that idea:

Data beyond the 200 MB limit will be cached for an indeterminate period of time, then deleted automatically by the system.

(That's for Apple TV apps but I suppose it is the same case)

Is it correct that I cannot persist my AssetBundles if they were delivered from Apple's on-demand resources service?

Naturally I could take the assets I want from the AssetBundle and somehow write them to disk manually, and then release the AssetBundle. It can be done, but if I could simply mark the bundle as "do not delete" it would be a lot more convenient.


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