I created an Action Mapping using the right mouse button as a reference.

The Action Map is called "Andar" (walk in english).

In the character code, I call this Action Mapping and in it I make the character walk by clicking the right mouse button (on Floor):

enter image description here

But I would like the character to continue walking if the player clicked the right mouse button and held.

Like Set Destination (action mapping from Unreal).

Other places I searched:



It's a simple problem, but I can't find anything about. Not exactly. The problems I found in my search are not the same as my problem. Even changing the words and terms I was not successful.


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With the help of the answer to this question:


I discovered to solve my problem.

  • Add a boolean variable

  • Set it to true every time the mouse button is pressed

  • Set it to false every time the mouse button is released

  • Insert a While Loop that only ends when the boolean variable is false.


enter image description here


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