I am trying to load a json file using the cc.loader.load function in onLoad() function as shown below, I also have used some console.log() functions to see the order of execution.

const {ccclass, property} = cc._decorator;

@ccclass export default class NewClass extends cc.Component {


objectFromResource: Object

onLoad () {
    console.log("Starting onLoad() Function")
    var url = cc.url.raw('resources/json_resource.json')
    cc.loader.load(url, (err, res) => {
        this.objectFromResource = res
        console.log("Loaded URL")
    console.log("Ending onLoad() Function")

start () {
    console.log('Starting start() Function')
    console.log(this.objectFromResource) //logging as null
    console.log('Ending start() function')

update (dt) {


The output is as following:

Cocos Creator v2.1.1
JSONReader.ts:16 Starting onLoad() Function
JSONReader.ts:33 Ending onLoad() Function
JSONReader.ts:37 Starting start() Function
JSONReader.ts:38 undefined
JSONReader.ts:39 Ending start() function
JSONReader.ts:22 {__type__: "cc.JsonAsset", _name: "json_resource", _objFlags: 0, _native: "", json: Array(784)}
JSONReader.ts:24 Loaded URL

The resource is loaded after the onLoad() and start() functions are completed. How to load the resource on OnLoad() function before the start() method is called?


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