I've got an idea for a gamemode for a Garrysmod RP server but I don't know if it's realistic within Lua.

I specifically want to make my script apply variables to a person when they shoot another person with a gun (and remember them after the shooter logs out) and also change those variables based on what weapon the shooter used to shoot the other person.

How can I make a garrysmod gamemode function where when you shoot someone you get "charges" placed against you, and depending on how many different people you shoot, kill etc you get more charges placed against you and this results in a longer jail time?

My evidence for this being somewhat possible is that on DarkRP servers on Garrysmod there is a script that sets a player as "Wanted" upon killing players with the Police job. I want to know how I could expand this system to implement the feature described above, or if it's simply impossible with system.


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