I'm working on a 3rd level of my game. When the 3rd level begins the Camera and Hero position is getting same value which was left by the 2nd level at the end point. I'm not able to find a way around to reset camera and hero position values and start the level with 0 coordinates.

Here is a short video about the issue - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtEW4cbpT5A

What I tried so far,

In game when the player hits the tunnel which appears at the end of the level 2 - value of level variable is changed to 3 so it can load data for 3rd level

    # This function works for Tunnel Only
def tunnelHit_or_not_2(self, hero, tunnel):
    hit = pygame.sprite.collide_rect(hero, tunnel)

    if hit:
        self.level = 3
        self.hero.x = 0
        self.CameraX = 0

I've set self.CameraX value to 0 but when player enters 3rd level its not updating CameraX value as the player moves. Same goes with self.hero.x value. Its not updating either. It works well for 1st and 2nd level but not for 3rd level

Here is a code which is responsible to update the camera and hero.x position,

            if self.noBorderCross:
            self.hero.x += self.hero.velocity

        if self.noCameraCross:

            if self.level == 3:
                # Moving Coins

                # Moving Platform_sky


                # For moving enemies dead bodies in lvl 2
                for e in self.enemy_forest:
                    if e.enemyDead:
                        e.x += self.hero.velocity

                if self.hero.x >= startScrollingPos_forest:
                    self.noBorderCross = False

                self.coordinates = 3700

                # Updating rect of Platform_sky


            self.CameraX += self.hero.velocity

        if self.CameraX >= self.coordinates:
            self.noCameraCross = False
            if self.hero.x < 890 - self.hero.velocity - self.hero.width:
                self.hero.x += self.hero.velocity
                #self.level = 2

Can anyone help me out in how to reset camera and hero position in 3rd level where it gets updated when the player moves on screen.

Here is my full code (main class) link - https://pastebin.com/CuGF9pQM

Thanks in Advance


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