I have some tiled tmx maps I made. I have a texture atlas that contains all of the textures I'm using in my libGDX game . I have a json tiled map saver class I wrote that stores the atlas region name(s) of the texture for the tiled map tile or animated tile as well as any other info like flipped, tile color, tile brightness, ect. That class saves my tiled map to json and loads it from json using the texture atlas to retrieve the texture regions . Most of my map is procedurally generated at run time with some parts I created in the tiled program saved in .tmx format . I need to save the entire map (both procedurally generated and the added .tmx parts (that may have changed since first loading). The two parts get mixed together and changed somewhat to become one tiled map. My problem is I can't figure out how to get the atlas region name from the texture region that is loaded with the .tmx map or create a new atlas region. I can create a new texture atlas with libGDX and add new texture regions to it and give them atlas names to save the map , but then how do I save the newly created texture atlas along with the packed images at run time?


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