I have connected Vive Tracker to a Gun via Pogo pins. I have set Vive tracker as "vive tracker held in hand". How do I get to know when the trigger is pressed. I have tried everything. I created a action "Shoot" in the SteamVR Input and assigned Trigger click to Shoot in the key binding. I have replaced the bindings as well, and its present in the official binding.

When I trigger the gun, the last three in the below image gets turned green, that means , the connections are proper. But how do I make it to detect this in Unity3d.

enter image description here

 if (SteamVR_Actions._default.Shoot.GetStateDown(SteamVR_Input_Sources.Any))
         //   Debug.Log("State Up ");

This is the code I tried. But it didn't work. Please can anyone guide me on what to do?

OpenVR detected the device. Is it possible to check if trigger is pressed via this?

var deviceClass = OpenVR.System.GetTrackedDeviceClass(5);

Where am I going wrong?


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