I'm creating my own scripted implementation of a Skinned Mesh in unity for collision detection. But I've run into some problems whenever I update the vertex positions using the update armature function to match the white model, the blue wireframe model which is my custom implementation does match its white counterpart and is in correctly positioned. Updating the armature multiple times without changing the model's rotation will change the wiresframe's orientation.

Here is an example.

I'm not sure if my formula in UpdateArmature for calculating vertex positions is incorrect,my method for rendering them is, or both.

    using System.Collections;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using UnityEditor;
    using UnityEngine;

    public class MeshArmature : MonoBehaviour

        public SkinnedMeshRenderer skinnedMesh;
        public Mesh mesh;
        public BoneWeight[] weights;

        public Transform[] bones;
        public Transform rootBone;

        DynamicMeshCollider meshCollider;

        bool manualVolumes;

        public Transform player;

        // Use this for initialization
        public void Start()
        public void Setup()
            skinnedMesh = GetComponentInChildren<SkinnedMeshRenderer>();
            mesh = new Mesh();
            mesh.name = skinnedMesh.sharedMesh.name;
            bones = skinnedMesh.bones;
            rootBone = skinnedMesh.rootBone;
            weights = skinnedMesh.sharedMesh.boneWeights;

            meshCollider = GetComponent<DynamicMeshCollider>();
            meshCollider.mesh = mesh;


        public void UpdateArmature()
            List<Vector3> verts = new List<Vector3>();

            for (int i  = 0; i < mesh.vertices.Length; i++)
                Vector3 vert = new Vector4(verts[i].x, verts[i].y, verts[i].z);
                Matrix4x4 trs = Matrix4x4.TRS(bones[weights[i].boneIndex0].position, bones[weights[i].boneIndex0].rotation, bones[weights[i].boneIndex0].localScale);
                vert =  trs.MultiplyPoint(vert) * weights[i].weight0;
                verts[i] = vert;





//Render Code For Blue Mesh

   public class DMAGizmoDrawer
         [DrawGizmo(GizmoType.Selected | GizmoType.Active)]
         static void DrawGizmo(MeshArmature arm, GizmoType type)
             Gizmos.color = Color.blue;
             if (arm.mesh)
                 Gizmos.DrawWireMesh(arm.mesh, arm.transform.position);



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