I was watching a tutorial on how to script, and I got stuck making the script in the first place. I use Unity 2019.3.0a5


From Game Object

  1. Create a game object or use an existing one.
  2. Go to the inspector (panel on the right side).
  3. Click on "Add Component", it will open a small pop up.
  4. The last option is called "New Script". Click that. You can also write "New Script" on the search bar or just write the name of your new script. If that name doesn't exist, Unity will ask you to if you want to make a new script.

enter image description here

From Hierarchy folder

  1. Press secondary click on the bottom panel (folder views).
  2. Click create.
  3. Click C# Script (old versions [as fair I know] allowed you to make UnityScript, Boo Script or Javascript).

enter image description here

  1. create (eg) a empty Game Object
  2. look at its inspector
  3. click on "Add Component"
  4. New Script

Hope this helped. :p


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