Image of a wind speed map

I want to render an animated vector field map similar to this wind speed visualization. How can I do this?


I'm assuming you want to build this without the aid of a readily-available rendering engine. I'd conceptually de-couple the end-result using multi-layer rendering, like this:

  1. Map image texture layer

    it's only purpose is to handle the drawing of the map, without any special effects

  2. Vector animation layer

    this layer renders the animation (real-time or pre-constructed)

Then, you want an orchestrator to merge the two layers and manage codependant parameters like size, speed etc. The output of the orchestrator (given a base image for the first layer, a vector animation for the second layer, a timelapse value and a delta time point within the lapse) should be the animated image sampled at time point delta (delta belongs to [0, timelapse]). Then, a higher level rendering system draws the sampled animation on/off screen.

You can either use a real-time animation that contains all the sprite data (probably an array of [start and end coordinates, bezier curve data] for each sprite) and interpolate with a given delta time for all elements of the array, or have the animation pre-built and simply merge the two layers.

edit: As I see from the animated image you posted, some sprites last longer than others. In this case, for the model described above, the vector animation consists of an array of { startXY, endXY, timelapse, curveData } for each sprite. When sampled at a timepoint delta, if the current element's timelapse < delta, skip drawing it. Also, if you want transparency (i.e. a fade in and out effect) you could set the current sprite's transparency to delta / timelapse.


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