I finally discovered out what the problem has been haunting me for some time, which made me ask these 3 questions:

How to make overlap detection more accurate?

Nonsense error in the overlap between 2 warriors and a tower

Overlap detection does not work correctly when there is more than one warrior colliding with the tower

In programming you learn early on that if something goes wrong the guilt almost certainly is yours, some wrong variable, wrong condition, comma missing, etc.

The only answer to when it's not your fault (directly), is something you do not know about the engine / program or some really unexpected result.

For that reason in the above questions I thought it was some error in my code, as I had some difficulty communicating between blueprints. That's why I thought it was my fault.

I made a code so that every 1 second is written if the warrior is overlapping the tower:

enter image description here

Once again (for anyone who has ever seen any of the other questions) I notice that when only one warrior overlaps the tower, everything is fine:

enter image description here

Now when more than one warrior overlaps the tower simultaneously it goes wrong:

enter image description here

I thought the problem might be due to the command of me to make the warrior stay trying to go towards the tower when he overlaps (just so as not to end the overlap due to the arrival of a new warrior) and I tried to stop him move as soon as it overlapped the tower, but the error persisted:

enter image description here

Increasing the size of the collision box worked on a simpler test that I did on another project, but I believe the cause of the problem is not that, plus the collision box of the tower is already huge in this project. I would like to know how to make the overlap between the warriors and the tower not be broken for no reason.


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