So I am learning Unity right now and am making a standard space shooter.

Im at the point where I am trying to make my ship look like it is banking left, right, forward or back and have a few solutions:

(1) In Unity I want to use animations to apply a gradient to the ship (darker in the direction it banks) and contract the size of the ship slightly. This would give a rudimentary banking look, good enough for now. The problem with this is that I cant work out how to apply a gradient as part of an animation event on a sprite.

(2) Make multiple sprites which apply to each of the banking events. I haven't really thought too closely about this but feel like animating a fade between two sprites would be harder, and I dont typically like making more images than need be (not my forte).

My question is mostly about (1). Is it possible to animate a gradient on to a sprite in Unity?

edit: Actually with (2) I guess it would just be making a sprite sheet and animating that way. Not too hard, except for making the spritemaps!

  • \$\begingroup\$ This is something you should really animate by hand. If you think that just squashing the sprite and applying a gradient to it is sufficient, that's something you can do in any sufficiently advanced image editor with a few clicks. If you want to handle perspective procedurally at runtime, you should use a 3d model for your player. \$\endgroup\$ – Philipp May 31 at 9:47

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