i am trying to develop image recognition iOS app , i will have one reference image , and user has to draw something one screen and when user release finger , then i will convert his drawing into UIImage/CGImage, then i will be comparing the percentage of closeness to reference image .

If the percentage will be more then 90% then user will win . (See picture below , ignore 🔴 Red(user Canvas ) and 🔶 Yellow border(reference boundary will not include in atul image ) ) enter image description here

What i have done till now :

I create custom image array of each reference and then create MLModel from this website


I tried to do this with the MLModel but every-time , app is showing 90+% percentage of , i am not able to do this .

Please suggest

I am trying to use MLKit in iOS Swift , i am doing wrong , if yes then what is the correct way to do this .


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