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Constraining the ridigbody along certain axes. Used with VRTK: FixedJointGrab. Tried both precision grab and normal. Only freaks out when 1-2 rotation axes are unlocked. Works fine with all position lock combinations, works fine with all 3 or 0 rotations locked. The freakout instantly snaps the joint, even though I've set the strength to ludicrous amounts. The manipulated object IS kinematic, but is also does this when it isn't. Checked that the canvas IS correctly locking the rigidbody constraints as expected. During the freakout, the object can rotate along axes which are constrained (confirmed in the editor). Neither object is parented or child'd to anything; I'm using TransformFollow scripts that are sitting on empty game objects and affecting the 2 cubes. When the manipulated object is NOT kinematic, it continues to spin after the grab is released, but will stop when I lock the rotation axes. When it IS kinematic, it instantly stops when the grab is released or broken.


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