If I hover keywords like Input.GetKeyDown, for example, I know it should tell me something about using it for autofire.

I get autocompletion and the syntax examples / override counts, all great things, but no descriptive text blurbs.

I would really like to get those descriptions turned on.

I yanked a screenshot of an old Unity forum post that has visual evidence of the problem I'm having. I know that the text blurbs exist because I've watched enough Unity videos now with VS being used and more info.

Comparison of Intellisense screenshots from old post

This second image is a screenshot from a video. In my editor, I do not see the line "Base class for all entities in Unity scenes." I only see the first line "class UnityEngine.GameObject"... helpful but not as helpful as it could be. Same thing is missing in every class/method.

Screenshot of Intellisense from a video

How can I get these Intellisense description texts to show in my version?


This behavior no longer happens after upgrade to 2019.1.4f1

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