im triying to divide the axis of an object in a vector3 for what cover all the object, the idea is simulate a collition, i havent permission of use colissions, and rigidbodyes, only transform and vector3.

i tried to do multiples vector3 for that all cover an axis, but the ball dont destroy it.

because it pass between the axis and arent a exactly possitions of them.

i tried too to make a range between the bricks, but in

Maxx, minx, maxy, and miny, dont destroy the brick,

do you know a form to destroy an object using no collition, only covering all the object with axis of vector 3, covering all the object of axis?

how i have to do the ecuation?

i do some like this:

vector3 A; vector3 B; vector3 C;

A = transform.position; B = transform.position / 2; C = transform.Position / 4;

sorry for dont write the code but i was delete it.

thanks you for the help

  • \$\begingroup\$ It sounds like you have an assignment challenging you to detect intersection between a moving ball and a rectangular prism "brick" using vector math, is that accurate? It sounds like you're trying to solve this by testing individual Vector3 points (not sure if you're trying to cover the brick's surface with points or break the ball's movement into sub-steps to try to make sure it doesn't tunnel past the brick), but there are much better ways to do this. Have you searched for existing Q&A and tutorials about sphere-box collisions? This is a fundamental building block that's covered extensively. \$\endgroup\$ – DMGregory May 18 at 12:31

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