NOTE: English isn't my mother tongue, so sorry in advance for any grammar mistakes. I'm totally newbie and this project has no intentions of making money. It's just an experiment and it will be removed from the store as soon as my classes ends.

Hello, guys. I recently released my game in Google Play in order to understand the publishing process and how Unity Ads and IAP works as well. Unfortunately I'm facing the following problem:

In Unity I implemented the Unity IAP system and then I created an IAP button that, if clicked, it must call Google's Play purchasing window and, if purchase is completed, it will deactivate the ads in the game.

You can check the gameplay working inside Unity by the gif below:


In Google Play, I uploaded the APK, created a new managed product of type consumable, setted it's price, made avaible the new version of the app, everything seemed to be fine... However, after downloaded and instaled the game, if I click the "Remove Ads" button, nothing happens...

I suspect it has something to do with the product ID in the store and the ID I gave to the button in Unity. Please, see the prints below to better understand:

Product ID in Unity - https://i.imgur.com/BSfQQX6.png

Product ID on Google Play - https://i.imgur.com/1S4r5MU.png

As you can see, on Google Play I didn't typed capital letters, because Google only accepted lower case for the product ID. What's your guess about this?


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