I made a character on Fuse (Steam), and used the mixamo.com to get an animation to the character model, after the rigging process i exported the animation to the unity with the .fbx format. When i applied the animation on the unity, with the animator, in the character model and started the game, the animation (character movement, run and walk) it's not executed as i expected, the character movements gets bizarre as you can see on the youtube video link, as you can see on the movement preview in the right-bottom side of the screen, the movement is apparently normal but when applied on the real game it gets strange. Has it ever happened to anyone? Maybe it can be a skeleton imcompatibility? or a error in the Rig or perhaps i need to put the 3D model in unity and animate frame by frame without get the complete animation from the mixamo.com?

Watch the video for understand it better (sorry for the video quality if you guys can't understand it, i will upload a new video in a better quality).



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