I am using HDR and a bloom effect. In my scene without directional light only points of light and the player has a spot that makes a flashlight.

I have already set intensities and colors that I liked, but I have the problem that when using a grenade I use a point of light to make it look better, but note that if I throw 2 grenades the light adds up and the bloom effect makes me see too much intense, in fact deactivate the delay and if I throw several grenades the effect accumulates to such an extent that it bothers the view. Thinking that the enemies also throw grenades with light, how can I get a limit set and if for example there are 10 grenades exploding it would only be seen with the same intensity as one but in a larger area, assuming that the point of explosion and light emission was not exactly the same

enter image description here 1 vs N example


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