I want to map a texture onto an object so that it gets fitted onto the entire screenspace projection of the object, i.e. for each vertical cross-section of the object as visible by the camera, the pixel values of the texture are linearly mapped it fits the height of the cross-section. I drew a picture to try to explain what I want.

enter image description here

I can only think of how to fit the texture to the screenspace projection of the mesh bounds (by passing screenspace projected bounds to a shader which linearly remaps the UVs), which would result in some of the texture getting cut off (where the mesh does not reach the extent of the bounds). How can I fit it to the extents of the actual mesh?

The reason I am doing this is that I want to fit TMPro text into the shape of a mesh as seen by the camera, and I thought it would be most doable if I captured the text through a RenderTexture. However, this might require that I keep creating and destroying RenderTextures at runtime, so if there's a way to do it without RenderTextures then that might be even better.


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