Well, I have a question with a GUILayout.BeginArea within a BeginScrollview.

        if (m_searchedItems?.Length > 0)
            m_scroll = GlobalGUI.BeginScrollView(f_isEditor, m_scroll, viewSize);

            for (int y = 0; y < rows; ++y)

                for (int x = 0; x < columns; ++x)
                    // Show items thumbnails...

                    var tTexture = GetThumbnail(item);

                    Rect? texRect = null;

                    if (tTexture != null) // Check if the texture is available or it's being requested
                        texRect = GlobalGUILayout.DrawTexture(tWidth, tHeight, tTexture);

                    // The method from above returns an Nullable<Rect> of the texture. (https://i.imgur.com/pizrwji.png)
                    if (texRect.HasValue)
                        // Show title w/ marquee
                        // .... Code ....

                        var btnsRect = new Rect(texRect.Value.position + Vector2.up * (tHeight - 26), new Vector2(texRect.Value.width, 21));

                        // Show buttons
                        GUILayout.BeginArea(btnsRect, "aaaaa"); // "aaaaa" string is for a test

                            if (GUILayout.Button(m_infoTexture, GUILayout.Width(21)))

                            if (GUILayout.Button("Install"))




As you can see, I am trying to show a list of items within said BeginScrollview:


Of course, each must have two buttons to perform actions (line 30 of the code).

But, as you can see, in the image that I have attached, I have blueed the test string "aaaaa" so you can see that it is very highlighted, which gives me to understand that all the BeginArea are being drawn in the same position.

But what worries me most about this is that the buttons aren't displayed.

However, if all this is implemented with the GUI class, instead of the GUILayout class this does not happen.

Which could be the problem?


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