I have simple mechanism for testing of two balls colliding:

private static boolean isColliding(float firstBallX, float firstBallY, double firstBallRadius, float secondBallX, float secondBallY, double secondBallRadius) {
       final double a = firstBallRadius + secondBallRadius;
       final double dx = firstBallX - secondBallX;
       final double dy = firstBallY - secondBallY;
       return a * a > (dx * dx + dy * dy);

And it works great. One of the balls is moving and the other (second one) is static. I have two questions.

When a collision occurs, how do I change the movement of the first ball (the moving) one to its logical path? I suppose I should change the direction somehow, but cannot figure out how...?

The other question is how do I tell the static ball, after the collision move? And what is its path, direction and staff...?

Thanks in advance.


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Its called elastic collision.

from wikipedia entry

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