I made a simple tetris game. I wanted to give it to my friend, so that he could test it. I made very fast WiX project and setted up every file from bin/Debug. On my PC it works after installing, but when I sent installer file (.exe because of EmbedCab="yes") he ran it and it installed, yet game does not work at all. I suppose he does not have some DLLs. Is there a way to install those with WiX and what files should I add there?

I found, that I should use OpenAL installer, but how to run this with WiX?

I found a solution after a lot of searching. I now install OpenAL with WixUtilExtension using CustomAction tag. Now I found, that i need also ensure that .Net4.5 is installed. I will go googling. Maybe after another hour I will find how to do this :)


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