Imagine I render to an FBO some arbitrary geometry. Geometry can be rendered via single or multiple draw calls. For the sake of the question, assume I know nothing about geometry or transformation matrices.

I need to efficiently read back the minimal screen-space bounding box of all drawn geometry after the rendering to FBO is finished.

I imagine this can be done with via use of atomics on an image (imageLoad/imageStore) or SSBO, sadly these are not available to me. Is there any other mechanism I can try?


I would ask for some elaboration. I will though assume that you want the minimal bounding box of each individual item.

  • Assume that the objects can be rotated in arbitrary direction, scaled and positioned.
  • You have obtained the 3d minimum bounding box of the geometric objects.

Basically, the process I have taken in place is following:

  1. Obtain the 3d bounding box (all 8 points) of each geometric object you are going to draw.
  2. World View Projection Matrix to obtain your screenspace coordinates. Still a 3d vector, but you don't care about the Z depth so you now have 8 2d Vector points.
  3. For these 8 points, find the min and max values of x and y. These will be your screenspace bounding box values.
  4. These values will use the screenspace coords between -1 to 1. You should convert these to whatever coordinate system you need.
  5. Go to 1 for each object.

Hope this helps.

  • \$\begingroup\$ Sorry for being ambiguous. I need a bounding box of "everything" (not per individual item) being rendered into FBO. I don't have access to geometry and only limited access to world and view matrices. Basically threat geometry submission as black box. What I have under my control is shader, FBO and maybe some other OpenGL capabilities. \$\endgroup\$ – lhog Mar 4 at 21:07

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