I have modeled a 3D bus so now I'm working on the motor and gearbox script for a bus game simulator. All seems to be ok but I want to create a clutch slipping effect and I'm really disapointed. Here are some examples of wanted result and script files. If u have any ideas just tell me or if u want to give me a code to test you can choose another langage, I know Polish Nation Reversed suck but this is the game scripting langage.

Example (like ouin ouin ouin) :


Script files :

- Engine

OSC https://pastebin.com/9a4g9r0n

Const file https://pastebin.com/6JehXXYx

Variable list https://pastebin.com/ef1jSHXy

- Gear box

OSC https://pastebin.com/Gg1xh57L

Const file https://pastebin.com/cSdAK1hD

Variable list https://pastebin.com/KqDA7qdt

If you want more examples tell me :)

Best regards,


Intouro Euro 5


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