I've been working on a project involving a lot of foliage and I needed translucency so I upgraded to the latest unity beta to get access to the new features and the HDRP (which is still available on older versions, but that's besides the point). After setting up the materials though with the translucency though, I noticed that they were extremely reflective at grazing angle (sometimes even creating massive bloom spots). I understand that this is likely the fresnel effect, but for a non-metallic material, even with roughness at 100%, I'm still getting this unnatural sheen on my foliage: Shiny at 100% roughness This of course is further accentuated when increased to a more normal roughness level for leaves. I noticed that the "index of refraction" slider in the diffusion profile seems to affect this for some reason (I'd be interested to find out why). Increased fresnel I was wondering if anyone had any idea how to get more control over the fresnel effect from translucency, or if there was a better way to achieve what I wanted?
Thanks in advance,
- Thomas


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