I am using the following code (which is a simplified snippet in order to make it more readable):

var player;
var box_tnt;

function create (){
    this.physics.add.collider(player, box_tnt, hitTnt, null, this);

//the function hitTnt stop the game because the player died
function hitTnt (player, boxes){
    gameOver = true;
    textGameOver.setText('GAME OVER');
  • Actual comportment:

    When the player hits the bomb: player die; end of the game

  • Desired comportment:

When the player hit the bomb: the bomb wait 3 seconds and then explode! If the player is too close, he dies. But I struggle a lot to use a timer even after reading a lot of examples in the forum; I am a newbie concerning Phaser so I didn't succeed to it so far.


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