I am trying to convert an Unreal shader graph to a Unity Shader Graph.


I am struggling with understanding which nodes to use in the Unity Shader Graph while trying to replicate it.

I managed to get something looking Ok using the fresnel node, but if you enter inside the geometry, you lose the effect. I found the above article which is perfect for what I need to do.

Here is the first node setup:


I tried to follow along but a lot of the nodes I don't understand what the equivalent would be in the Unity shader graph.

Combine looks to be the equivalent of the Append node I think. Mask node I am not sure about as there are 3 mask nodes in Unity shader graph.


Spent most of the weekend trying to learn which nodes to use. Still not sure on what the "Reflection Vector" should be. I think it's something to do with the camera.

Here is the graph currently.

enter image description here


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