Why does the following code not step the object's movement when its y coordinate reaches zero?

    public GameObject cube;
    private GameObject inst;
    public float speed=5;

    void Start () {
        inst = Instantiate(cube, new Vector3(0, 10.6f, 0),Quaternion.identity);

    void Update () {

        inst.transform.Translate(speed * Vector3.down * Time.deltaTime, Space.World);

        if (inst.transform.position.y == 0)
            speed = 0; //stop moving

Because the Y position is never EXACTLY 0.

Its for example 5.5 next frame: 4.3 next frame: 3.1 next frame: 1.9 next frame: 0.7 next frame: -0.5

change the if to

if (inst.transform.position.y <= 0)

Then add:

inst.transform.position = new Vector3(inst.transform.position.x, 0, inst.transform.position.z);

next to:

speed = 0;

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