as im trying to build my new app on unity android specially when i want to use gradle, there is always some conflict with manifest or libraries and .....

for debug and problem exploration i need to ignore some folders to check for those bugs instead of need to move them somewhere else.

i just thought about git branching but it can cause lots of branches and maybe not efficient


You can rename the folders to one of the Unity's 'Special Folder Names' and they will be ignored: If you're on Windows, setting the folders to 'Hidden' would probably be the easiest as it likely won't be picked up as a 'change' by version control.

During the import process, Unity completely ignores the following files and folders in the Assets folder (or a sub-folder within it):

  • Hidden folders.
  • Files and folders which start with ‘.’.
  • Files and folders which end with ‘~’.
  • Files and folders named cvs.
  • Files with the extension .tmp.



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