In Unity's editor I have set a swatch with some colours that are used throughout our game:

The colour picker, with an added swatch of colours

This swatch is saved in a file in the project's Assets folder:

\ProjectFolder\Assets\Editor\Main Colors.colors

I would like to use the colours in this swatch somewhere in a script:

GetComponent<Graphic>().color = SomethingHere.MainRed;

What is the best way to do this? Or is it not possible?


I also think that I'm doing something really strange? I couldn't find any answer to this question online. But having the same colour library in the scripts as I use in the editor would be really nice.


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Better solution would be just to create ScriptableObject, with List<Entry>:

class Colors: ScriptableObject 
    public class Entry 
         public string name;
         public Color color;

    public List<Entry> colors = new List<Entry>();

    public Color GetColor(string name) 
         var entry = colors.Find(c => c.name == name);
         if (entry != null) {
              return entry.color;
         return Color.white;

and later set that scriptable object anywhere you want.

Colors colors_db;
var color = colors_db.GetColor("MainRed")

Color preset you've saved is basically the same, but it's Editor only object.


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