I want to create a game where you walk around in 3D, and sometimes you can activate some kind of 2D puzzle. For example - you walk up to the door, and you can open it using lockpicks. The lockpick part is 2D. There's plenty of games which could be example of that, like Assassin's Creed 3, Skyrim or possibly the new Thief?

While lockpicking the door, you lose control of the character, you use mouse or buttons to move the lockpicks. The visible elements would be moving.

How would you do that? Should I use UMG objects like images and buttons, or should I use some other kind of 2D graphics drawing? Or something even else?


I would use UMG. All the functionality you need is in there and you can use Set Input Mode Game and UI blueprint and set the target to your new UMG. It also has a Boolean operator to Lock Mouse to Viewport.

I believe this will also deactivate player control in the background but haven't tested this so can't say for certain. Disabling character control is also one function in Blueprint though so setting and unsetting it (when the UMG is closed) won't be a problem.


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