I'm attempted to create a third person camera which will rotate around the player as I move the mouse left and right. I've worked out a right vector to move the camera along by which should change as the camera rotates to look at the player's position which it'll do constantly

void PlayerCamera::RotateAroundPlayer()
    XMVECTOR cameraEye = XMLoadFloat4(&Eye);
    XMVECTOR cameraUp = XMLoadFloat4(&Up);
    XMVECTOR atPlayerPos = XMLoadFloat4(&this->playerPos);

    XMVECTOR playerDirection = XMVector3Normalize(atPlayerPos - cameraEye);
    XMVECTOR cameraRight = XMVector3Cross(playerDirection, 

    cameraEye += camYaw * cameraRight;

    XMStoreFloat4(&Eye, cameraEye);

The issue I'm now having is making sure the camera stays at a fixed distance away from the player (like a normal third person camera would) while still being able to rotate around the player. The rotation will override whatever I do to keep the camera's position at a fixed distance away so I'm kinda stumped on what to do at this point. The camera's X and Z positions need to update along with the player's X and Z positions so that it stays following the player but can still rotate around the player

I'd love some help if anyone can provide

  • \$\begingroup\$ You may find this OrbitCamera .h/.cpp a useful reference. Creating good third-person game cameras is definitely an art so best of luck! \$\endgroup\$ – Chuck Walbourn Dec 21 '18 at 17:29

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