I recently read somewhere that the unity engine supports JavaScript language but I have a question.
How to use JavaScript language in unity engine?

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  • They have started to unsupport UnityScript (they never used true JS but rather psuedo JS called UnityScript.) . You can still use UnityScript scripts in the code however by simply dragging the script files into your script folder as a workaround. Read this: blogs.unity3d.com/2017/08/11/… – Super MegaBroBro Dec 7 at 14:44
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Your information is out of date. Unity used to support Javascript, via a custom Javascript variant language called UnityScript. It also used to have a language called Boo. Support for both has been discontinued. C# is now the only language that Unity uses for scripts. By default, this is 3.5 version of C#, but 4.6 is an option you can switch to via the Player Settings option screen.

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