I'm trying to create a falling word typing game like z-type.

I have used the code provided here : https://github.com/Brackeys/Falling-Words-Typing-Game

In the WordSpawner.cs file, I'm trying to set the limit of the length of words that are displayed. for eg. in the first 15 seconds I want the length of words to be 3/4 and between 15-30 seconds 5/6 and after that any random length from 3 - 9. Is there any way to achieve this?

Also, I want to show the wave number on the screen like in the z-type game. How can I achieve this functionality.

This is the script from the tutorial:

public GameObject wordPrefab; 
public Transform wordCanvas; 

public WordDisplay SpawnWord () {
    Vector3 randomPosition = new Vector3(Random.Range(-2.5f, 2.5f), 7f); 
    GameObject wordObj = Instantiate(wordPrefab, randomPosition, Quaternion.identity, wordCanvas); 
    WordDisplay wordDisplay = wordObj.GetComponent<WordDisplay>(); 
    return wordDisplay;

The list of words is an array that contains about 50 words. This list is in a separate file.

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    Hey! Thats actually very easy. Could you post the script you are using? Or from the tutorial? I could write down an example but i wouldnt work if you want to use it for an existing project, – Prometheus Dec 6 at 6:50
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    To answer Prometheus's question, you should really include the code that's used to select a particular text string to use for the next word. That's not shown in the sample you've given here. Try looking in the WordGenerator and WordManager scripts. – DMGregory Dec 6 at 13:21

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