The Project

I'm working actually on a Endless Map Generator (with chunks, height-map noise, threading system, etc..) This is actually what "dev data display" look like:

enter image description here

The Goal

Now I want to create another flat rendering (for example the mini-map) with simple Sprite (I have some Photoshop Brush, or other images).

Example (from internet): enter image description here


This post isn't really about seed data recovery but more How do I transform that data into nice map ?

  • Do I have to keep doing 3D or replace by a 2D Canvas ?
  • Do Texture is good for the job ? Or it will be easier to instantiate multiple sprite ? (Or maybe a shader ?)

  • I have a special question for Shapes (like actually water). I didn't found anything who can help me to transform a list of dots (like all coords next to the ground) into a smooth shape who can be used on shader or other display.

A already try to use plane (instead of generated mesh) and apply the texture with a Level Of Detail system to smooth the closest part of the map. But it's still very ulgy. enter image description here


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