I have a really simple script that instantiates objects when the "enemies" object has 0 children, it should spawn in the position of EnemyT, but they fall through the floor and when they spawn properly, their AI doesn't chase the player.

public class spawnmore : MonoBehaviour {

    public Transform EnemiesT;
    public GameObject Enemies;
    public GameObject SpawnedObject;

    void Update () {
        if (Enemies.transform.childCount == 0) 
            SpawnedObject = Instantiate(SpawnedObject, EnemiesT.position, EnemiesT.rotation);
            SpawnedObject.transform.parent = Enemies.transform;
  • The code seems correct on the first glance. You are spawning correctly, but it seems like there is a rigidbody on the spawned object which makes it falling through the floor. – M156 Dec 5 at 14:08
  • Deactivate Gravity for the rigidbody or add a collision to your object to have a working collision. – Prometheus Dec 5 at 16:28

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