Essentially, I have been working towards finding a simple solution using either perforce or GitHub desktop or a combination of the two.

I would like to create a repot/depot on a GitHub server or another hosting service which will store unity and unreal projects among other files and folders.

I then need to clone it to a local server.

Finally i have three local machines that I want to have local versions of the projects that can pull, push and sync to the local server

which will finally push back up to the hosted repot/depot for others to grab and do the same.

I'm trying to work with a system that doesn't require always on connection to the internet for working locally with a team, but can be hosted globally so I don't have to maintain a server for global connection

Is this possible?.

I've been told git can do this but I am having a hard time figureing out how to get from cloud to local server to local work stations and back up this chain.

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