This question has been asked previously, however that was back in 2011 and things have moved on, so I thought to post a new question.

I am looking for a book on the design and implementation of MMORPG's. I've come across Building an RPG with Unity 2018: Leverage the power of Unity 2018 to build elements of an RPG, but it has a rather poor rating. I've had a search around, but I've not had much luck.

I'm a C# (mostly) developer, so ideally the book will be based around the Unity3D engine, which I do have experience with.

I'm more interested in understanding the technical architecture, rather than things like how to plant trees and/or make them sway with the wind; those kind of questions I can find solutions to easily.

As an example of topics I'm looking to have explained:

  • Database design
  • Networking
  • Synchronisation
  • Scalability
  • Using Cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure or Google

If someone has read a book and can recommend it, I'd really appreciate it.

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