I am trying to use smooth normal and normal mapping together. And I made a test. In this test I draw a cube and man.

They are using same vertex shader and fragment.

I load them same md5loader because after i want to use skeletal animation.

They have same lighting source. And only different positions.

cube x=15 y=0 z=0 man x=0 y=0 z=0

I am not sure i did it right ?

Also i did just "normalize(vertex)" for smooth normal instead using "normalFlat" did i right ? :D

And My vertex shader:

in vec3 vertex;
in vec2 UV;
in vec3 normalFlat; // I won't use this it is standart normal
out vec3 tangentSurface2light;
out vec3 tangentSurface2view;

void main()


    vec3 lightPos2=vec3(ModelViewMatrix*vec4(lightPos,1.0));

    vec3 tangent;
    vec3 v1=cross( normalize(vertex) ,vec3(0.0,0.0,1.0));
    vec3 v2=cross( normalize(vertex) ,vec3(0.0,1.0,0.0));


    vec3 n=normalize(NormalMatrix* normalize(vertex) );
    vec3 t=normalize(NormalMatrix*tangent);
    vec3 b=cross(n,t);
    mat3 mat=mat3(t.x,b.x,n.x,t.y,b.y,n.y,t.z,b.z,n.z);

    vec3 vector=normalize(lightPos2-vertexPositionWorld);



enter image description here


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