I'd like to complete and publish a game made with Unity, but given the fact that the cost of a brand new computer represents a significant part of my yearly income, I don't have enough money to buy one.

My ultimate goal is to publish the game on iOS.

Aside from generating more revenue upfront, what are my options?

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I see a couple options:

  • Go big, but start small: You could save up for a used Windows computer, finish your game, publish it on Google Play, generate revenue from it, and use that revenue to buy a used Mac computer, then publish your game for iOS. Making games is fun, but if you spend more money on it than you make out of it, really, it's a hobby.
  • If you have friends that do own a Mac, you can ask them to build publish your game on the iOS App Store for you.
  • Another option would be to look for a games incubator. This is a company that has office space, infrastructure and support for other small companies to get going in game development. They help getting your first game out.

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