Hello all I am trying to learn more about using the Terrain editor in Unity. I want to add grass billboard style. It looks quite good up close, but it seems you can only set the draw distance to 250 max. for my first try I wanted to make a car drive through a forest. But almost immediately I've found this isn't possible for me, because the grass just magically appears in front of your eyes when it gets to near the camera.

Best way I can describe it is by making this gif of it:


(Note: Here is a heavily compressed version of the GIF for those who can't/won't click external link: enter image description here

As you can see the distance isn't very far away, and also it appears in patches.

I'vbe tried reading all the docs and also some old forum posts, also i believe i've checked all the different parameters in the inspector. Has anyone here had this issue and fixed it.

I did read I am supposed to blend these grass billboards into the texture they sit ontop of, but i tried this with the green grass texture as in the gif, and it looks awful.

I also changed the Inspector type to 'Debug' as per someones instructions. This allowed me to type a higher value than 250, but seemed to have no effect beyond 250. Also when I set it back from Debug it was already back at 250.

EDIT: Just a little update, I read more on the topic and so far have added a fog to thet scene which kind of minimizes the issue, however I can still see it appearing at times and it doesnt look like other games i've seen which do it better. I'm thinking perhaps it could be done in the LOD section but I really don't have a clue!

Any help is hugely appreciated as always. Many thanks!!


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