I am wanting to add a button to my scene in order to mute/unmute music. I can add the button to my scene, but it's not appearing on the UI. I can't see it anywhere, not on the scene nor the game when running.

Below is a screenshot of the editor. You can see the button in front of the camera and in front of the scene itself, but it doesn't appear. I can't actually see a button, just a 'move' control'.

enter image description here

Things I have tried:

  • Changing the 'Layer' of the button to default
  • Adjusting the z-axis (I've tried 0, +1-5, -1-5)
  • Giving the Image (Script) a material inside the Inspector

The button has text, which isn't visible either.

I could create a sprite and do a raycast, but that seems like overkill just to do a simple click action.

Any ideas?


You need to make the Button a child of a Canvas.


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