I have created a custom UI element (that use CanvasRenderer).

Here is code :

Mesh mesh = new Mesh();

Rect drawArea = GetComponent<RectTransform>().rect;

using (VertexHelper helper = new VertexHelper())
    helper.AddVert(new Vector3(drawArea.xMin, drawArea.yMin), Color.white, Vector2.zero);
    helper.AddVert(new Vector3(drawArea.xMin, drawArea.yMax), Color.white, Vector2.zero);
    helper.AddVert(new Vector3(drawArea.xMax, drawArea.yMax), Color.white, Vector2.zero);
    helper.AddVert(new Vector3(drawArea.xMax, drawArea.yMin), Color.white, Vector2.zero);
    helper.AddTriangle(0, 1, 2);
    helper.AddTriangle(2, 3, 0);


var canvas = GetComponent<CanvasRenderer>();
canvas.SetMaterial(Material, null);

It creates a simple rectangle that is same size as rect transform.

It works great. However if I put this inside a scroll view, everything that is outside scroll area / viewport is rendered (while it should be clipped).

The scrolling works as it should (rectangle get scrolled by changing position when scrollbar is used).

I have tried to call canvas.EnableRectClipping(...); but without success.

enter image description here


I answer my own question :

Custom UI component should inherit from MaskableGraphic and method OnPopulateMesh() need to be overridden, like in this example.


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