I will keep this simple. The question pretty much sums up what I am looking for. Where are some locations for 2D effects. Specifically ones like those used in old Amiga demos. They do not need to have source code. I am just looking for inspiration to code and replicate some of the effects.

It would be nice to have a list of links to images and examples as opposed to downloading old demos and running them through an emulator.


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  • The Art of Demomaking from the old flipcode archives might be a good start. The whole site has a lot of stuff, but is mostly PC centric although pre 3D hardware.
  • These'll blow your mind nicely: Old School Color Cycling with HTML5
  • Hornet archives have the biggest collection of oldschool sources and docs in the internets (mostly from PC though). You can access it through the ftp protocol if you want.
  • Pouet, among other goodies, has a metric ton of links to youtube vids, so you don't have to use any emulator
  • AmigaDemos.org would be similar to Pouet.

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