I actually try to make my PS4 Pad rumble. I get the pad capabilities with

DIDEVCAPS capabilities;
capabilities.dwSize = sizeof(DIDEVCAPS);

the next step is to check if the flag DIDC_FORCEFEEDBACK is ok

But capabilities.dwFlags & DIDC_FORCEFEEDBACK always return false.

As my pad is a ps4, I know it support feedback.

Have you an idea why it's return false, what I missed?


Windows lacks DirectInput support for DS4 gamepads. In general there's no standard way to do haptics for HID gamepads, and the DS4 isn't even really a standard HID gamepad.

To get this working in Chrome I had to send the vibration commands as raw HID packets:



You can also use third-party drivers like DS4Windows to make your DS4 behave like an XInput device.


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