I followed a tutorial on how to add a left swipe room transition, which works very well. My problem is that it won't scale to my Android display. I know that it's being drawn to the GUI layer and I've tried resizing the GUI to the display width and height but I didn't see any changes. It's a really nice effect that I want to get working for my game.

Create Event:

currentframe = 0
maxframes = 45

persistent = true; // when changing room keep this object alive

// copy the old room so we can display it on the second room
sur_oldroom = surface_create(room_width,room_height);

// We have recorded what the old room looks like so we can instantly go to the next room.

Destroy Event:


Step Event:


if (currentframe > maxframes) {
    instance_destroy() // The transition has finished so destroy it

// We are now on the second room so record that room. 
if (currentframe == 2) { 
    sur_newroom = surface_create(room_width,room_height);

Draw GUI Event:

if (currentframe > 1) {

    // convert the number of frames that have passed into a number between 0 and the room width
    var slideamount = EaseOutQuad(currentframe,0,room_width,maxframes)

    if (surface_exists(sur_oldroom)) {

    if (surface_exists(sur_newroom)) {

/// I do this to hide the flicker where the next room pops up for 1 frame 
if (currentframe == 1) { 
    if (surface_exists(sur_oldroom)) {

I'm using Game Maker Studio 1.4.


I feel like the boy crying wolf, so sorry for that. Next time I encounter a problem, I'll just post it as how to fix that problem. Anyways in my screen manager object related to this post here: Can't scale properly to android device in Game Maker Studio 1.4, My solution was display_set_gui_size(ideal_width,ideal_height); after the line surface_resize(application_surface,ideal_width , ideal_height);

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