I am working on a 3D editor and for that I would like to implement orbiting camera. The camera works well, but when the camera's direction vector gets parallel to the world up axis, it gets stuck. At the moment I simply do not let user get totally parallel to up axis, but I am not happy with this solution, as I would like to be able to rotate all the way around, for infinitely long time. Here is the code:

void updateRight()
        right_ = glm::normalize(glm::cross(worldUp_, direction_));

void updateUp()
    up_ = glm::normalize(glm::cross(right_, direction_));

void ProcessMouseMovement(float xoffset, float yoffset)
    //Apply Mouse sensitivity and invert
    xoffset *= MouseSensitivity;
        xoffset *= -1;
    yoffset *= MouseSensitivity;
        yoffset *= -1;

    //Rotate y axis
    glm::quat rotateYAxis =  glm::angleAxis(glm::radians(xoffset), up_);
    direction_ = direction_ * rotateYAxis;

    //Rotate x axis, prevent camera from being pararell to worldUp
    if (direction_.y > cameraDistance_ * (-0.98) && direction_.y < cameraDistance_*(0.98))
        glm::quat rotateXAxis = glm::angleAxis(glm::radians(yoffset), -right_);
        direction_ = direction_ * rotateXAxis;

    //Get new camera position
    position_ = target_ - direction_;

    //Update camera's right and up vectors


Thanks for help!


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