I am using the Lightweight Scriptable Render Pipeline 1.1.11-preview and I have two lights in the scene. One is a Sun light and another is an uplight. The Sun light is set to cast dynamic shadows, as are the particle effect clouds and the models. I am expecting the clouds and the cloudship (the floating thing in the middle of the picture) to cast shadows.

The sand is procedurally generated: a flat prefab is loaded at run time and the y points are set by Perlinn noise. I recalculate the normals using Unity's method.

Here is the scene:

Rendered scene without clouds

The properties of the Sun light:

The Sun light properties window

The prefab for the sand (which I am expecting to have shadows):

Sand prefab properties window

Here is the lighting properties.

Scene lighting properties screen

The setting window for the Lightweight Pipeline:

Lightweight scriptable pipeline

The settings for the mesh that should be casting the shadow:

enter image description here

Is there anything I'm missing? Thanks in advance.


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In Lightweight Render Pipeline asset, my distance was set to 50. As my objects are large and set outdoors, this was not far enough to cast shadows. Below, I have set it to 6000 units, which is roughly the render distance of my scene.

enter image description here


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