I'm currently getting into using the new "Unity Shader Graph"s and have made an OK dissolve shader that looks like this:


My next goal is to move this effect so the object dissolves bottom-up. This is where I'm stuck. I tried blending this effect with another effect that just fades the object from the bottom up but this does not create the effect I am looking for (#1 is the fade effect, #2 is the two shaders blended together):

down_up_fade wrong_fade

The end effect should look something like this:


How can I achieve this effect? Answers do not have to be specific to Unity and a good answer should include the thought-process to creating this effect, not just code or pictures of a shader graph.


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This Ominous Games dev blog post has a rather detailed explanation & code samples that acheives a similar looking effect.

Summary of steps:

  • Use a grayscale noise texture to fade mesh alpha based on an interpolation factor.
  • Use model-space fragment position to control dissolution based on a specified direction vector.
  • Combine texture- and geometry-based alpha/clipping control to create a hybrid dissolve effect.
  • Add in a glow effect by "predicting" the next areas to dissolve and adjusting model emission accordingly.

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